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Volcan Barú National Park

Volcan Barú, Panama

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The Volcán Barú (also Volcán de Chiriqui) is the tallest mountain in Panama, at 3,474 metres (11,398 ft) high. It lies about 35 km off the border of Costa Rica.

Due to its height and Panama's relatively short width, it is possible to see both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea from Volcán Barú's peak on a clear day, this is relatively rare.

Volcán Barú is a dormant but potentially active volcano just south of the Continental Divide in western Chiriquí Province. It is surrounded by a fertile area of cool highlands drained by the Chiriquí and Caldera Rivers. The towns of Volcan and Cerro Punta can be found on its western side, while Boquete is on the eastern flank.

The occasional fall of hail or ice pellets has been reported on the summit, where the minimum temperature can be below 0°C (32°F) and the formation of frost is frequent during the dry season.

The peak of the mountain is host to a large installation of broadcast towers.

The last major eruption of the volcano was about 500 AD. There are reports and some evidence of a minor eruption around 1550 AD. However, in 2006, an earthquake swarm occurred underneath the mountain, raising fears that it could erupt sometime in the future with explosive force.

The volcano was declared Volcán Barú National Park in 1976, with an area of 14,325 ha (35,400 acres). It is a part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. Fauna include the Black Guan, Black-and-White Hawk-Eagle, Underwood's water mouse, Volcano Junco, Wrenthrush, and Yellow-thighed Finch.

Cloud cover seen from Volcán Barú.

Volcán Barú Summit.

Pacific Ocean as seen from the Volcán Barú Summit.

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Official Record

  • WDPA ID240
  • NameVolcan Barú
  • Original NameVolcan Barú
  • Country / TerritoryPAN
  • Sub locationPA-4
  • IUCN CategoryIIWhat is this?
  • English DesignationNational Park
  • Designation TypeNational
  • StatusDesignated
  • Status Year1977
  • Reported Area km2156.8
  • Marinefalse
  • Governance TypeNot Reported
  • International CriteriaNot Applicable
  • Management AuthorityNot Reported
  • Management Plan URLNot Reported




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Official Data Provider

Administración de Sistemas de Información Ambiental, Dirección de Areas Protegidas y Vida Silvestre, Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente (ANAM), Panama (2009)


Species information

  • 200

  • Iucn_red_white_small Logogbif

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