Fanel jusqu'à Chablais de Cudrefin, Pointe de Marin (BE,FR,VD,NE) in Switzerland

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Reported Area

18.15 km²

Data Provider

European Environment Agency (EEA)

Management Effectiveness Evaluations

Annual Report 2015


Original Name Fanel jusqu'à Chablais de Cudrefin, Pointe de Marin (BE,FR,VD,NE)

English Designation Federal Inventory of Reserves for Waterbirds and Migratory Birds of International and National Imp.

IUCN Management Category IV

Status Designated

Type of Designation National

Status Year 1991


Governance Type Federal or national ministry or agency

Management Authority FOEN, Species, Ecosystems, Landscapes Division, Postfach, 3003 Bern

Management Plan Not Reported

International Criteria Not Applicable